Company registration

The founding of a company in Montenegro is a process which takes place at the Central Registry for Commercial Entities within the Taxation Office of Montenegro. The following documentation is required for the founding of a company:

  • a Statute
  • a Founding Contract – in case a company is being founded by several persons or a Founding Decision in case the company is being founded by one person
  • an application form
  • personal details of the founder (name, surname, full address, telephone numbers and email address)
  • In case a foreign company is the founder of the company in Montenegro, the following documentation is required:
  • A certificate for the company from the registry in the company of the founder which serves as evidence that the company is active.
  • Responsible persons in the founder company and copies of their passports
  • A decision in regard to the founding of a company in Montenegro.
  • A Power of Attorney for a representative who shall found a company in Montenegro.
  • In order for the application to be accepted, the company must have:
  • a name
  • an address in Montenegro
  • an Executive Director
  • a main activity.

Residence and work permits

  • Evidence of no criminal charges from the country of origin
  • Open bank accounts (personal and for the Company). 1 day – 10 € That mean if you want residence 6 months you need to put on your account 1800,00€
  • title of the property or lease agreement
  • healt insurance
  • diploma from country of origin / translated and after that to be recognized in our Ministry
  • Company registration
  • Copy of the passport
  • All of the documenta have to be translate.
  • All documents have to be delivered in original or certivied copies.